How to help your child use technology

If your child has a problem using technology 

If your child comes to you with a problem, please take a non-blame approach. If you feel you need further support, initially contact the mobile phone provider or website support services.

If there is matter you think is a police issue, you can use the report abuse button from CEOP ( which is on the school website. 

How to keep your child safe online? 

Although there are disturbing accounts of events that happen due to technology it is important to remember that technology when used appropriately and responsibly is a valuable resource and something your child will use nearly every day.  

It is important to set house rules you are comfortable with for the use of technology and have some understanding about websites and technology your child may use.   It is advised that computers are not kept in bedrooms as this allows those at home to see what websites are accessed and also that teenagers go to sleep at a reasonable hour!  

Please be aware that your child may have internet access on their phone and also with gaming technologies.  

Here are some links to really good websites that are designed to help parents understand recent technologies  

THINK U KNOW - this website, from CEOP is highly recommended to parents to explain about grooming, mobiles, gaming, social networking and ‘chat’.  There is good guidance on how to report problems on the internet using the CEOP report abuse button.   


CHILDNET - this website from ChildNet, contains mainly video information on current e-safety issues and a 'text only' version is available with translations in Arabic, Bengali, Gujarati, Mandarin, Polish, Punjabi, Urdu and British Sign Language.

If your child is the victim of problems on the internet, the cyber mentors is an excellent resource where your child can talk to a trained advisor.